Sunday, June 13, 2010

You are SURE you're a Hillbilly when . . .

10. . . .you are the only one walking around without an umbrella.

9. . . you are the only one sportin' Carhartt shorts.

8. . . . you call the front desk a dozen times within the first hour of checking in.

7. . . . the toilet is smarter than what you are doing on it.

6. . . . you are the source of entertainment on the subway.

5. . . .you're the only one with facial hair.

4. . . . the waitress has to fix your meal and tells you when and how to eat.

3. . . . . you whip out your camera to take a picture in the middle of the restaurant of your food before you eat it.

2. . . . you swear you have massive bruises on your hips (from the hard beds), but when you look there is nothing there.

1. . . . you have to clean out your pants after a taxi cab ride.

We used the term 'hillbilly' because that's how we feel, not how we are treated. We are very different, but very similar. It has been so neat to be amongst our daughter's culture. We can't wait to come back and bring her to Lotte World. The people are very loving and nice. This was just fun post that we laugh about to ourselves. We just thought we would share.

(Chad came up with this list. I think he did a GREAT job.)


Michelle said...

You guys are too funny! Glad that you are embracing your inner (or outer) hillbilly and enjoying the Korean culture. I'm loving your posts and can't wait to visit soon myself. :)

Marcus/Tash said...

If I had a nickle for every time our waitress held my hand to get through a meal, I'de be a rich man. And you could see me coming from a mile away with my tan Carharts jacket in the see of dark cloths. Funny stuff!

Lauren said...

That's hilarious!!! I can't wait to see pictures of you with your baby girl!!!! :)

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing, Chad! :)