Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lotte World

Yesterday we made our way to Jamsil, which is where Lotte World was. We have the subway down pat now. Easy peasy. It was about 20 minutes from us and wasn't a bad ride at all. So remember a while back I said that I couldn't wait to see this place? Well, it was WAY worth it. It's just like a Korean Disneyland. Things are pricier to buy and there are food vendors everywhere. It was 31,500 won (~$30) to get in and then the rides were all extra. We didn't ride anything but we caught the cutest stage show. Got a little on video. Then they had a character parade. Really cute and there were kids everywhere. The kids really don't know what to think of us. They just stare and you can tell their little minds are really trying to figure out what to think. It's really cute. One little girl, that looked like our Joye waved at us. It was really cute.
So I will bring back a little something for the first commenter that can tell me what the name of the main character (female) that starred in the Korean Drama that is famous for the above picture. A little clue: She had amnesia and two men were in love with her. Anyone know?
This was at the ticket counter to let us in. There weren't alot of people - yet. By the time we looked around and had lunch the crowd had piled in.
The Lotte Castle. Isn't it beautiful? Really stunning in person.
There are three levels. The top has the rides and the stage, and all the pictures at the top of this post. Then the middle level has all the restaurants and food. Then the bottom level (shown above) has the Ice Skating rink, shooting range, bowling lanes and stuff. It's massive.
Better picture, eh?! I was ready this time. :) This is before you go down to the main level, OUTSIDE in magic Island. Another big theme park outside of the main three story structure.
Aaaahhh, blue skies. It was a nice hot, muggy day. Perfect for our Lotte World experience.
This was taken on the third story looking down.

This was the entrance to the outside theme park.

We also went to (within Lotte World) a Folk Museum. It had mini replicas of the dynasties. Little palaces, traditional houses and the evolution of the Korean people. It was really interesting. Then we happened on a Traditional Korean Wedding. THAT was really cool. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a show. Everyone was dressed up very nice and there were white covers on the chairs and a desk with two people taking names from the guests. We felt a little out of place, so we watched for a while and then went on our merry way.

Every night for dinner, we go to the same little restaurant. Friday we Bulgogi, athe Saturday we had Bibimbap (YUM) and then last night we had Bacon. It isn't like bacon at home. This stuff is super thick and then you fry it on a ceramic tile griddle-looking thing. Then you wrap it in lettuce leaves, like Bulgogi, with all the side dishes. That was our favorite meal here. SUPER YUMMY. We might take the subway back tonight just to have seconds.

We are moving to the guesthouse today. The posts might be pretty lean on pictures from here on out. I'm pretty sure Eastern doesn't have WiFi. We'll see. I can't promise anything. We are set to be at Eastern at about 10:30 or so and then we have our meeting with Dr. Kim, the director of Eastern. Then we see our little princess at 1:30. We might love on the babies after that. We're not sure.

So . . . it's raining again. If you don't have to go out in it, it's really pretty. We might just hang out at Eastern today. We really don't have any post-meeting plans. STILL looking for Super Junior and Shinee CD's. I think I will find those near Eastern. It will be a different area and we are excited to explore a different part of Seoul. For those traveling soon, I highly recommend the Dongdaemun area. GREAT shopping and food. We got a cab to Eastern for the first meeting and it worked out well. We are getting a cab today too, because of our luggage. It was about 8,000 won. Then we took the subway back to our hotel. The subway is really cheap and easy to use. Get a T-Money card at one of the street vendors and 20,000 should be more than enough to get around on. If you have too much, you can get a refund when you are ready to go home. The T-money card costs, but I think it's equivalent to about $3. The subway ride is about 20 minutes to Eastern from here. I LOVE our hotel. Very friendly and has a fridge and stuff.

Well I better get ready to go. Next up, my hubby is going to do a post about things he has realized while in Seoul. :)


Christy said...

Unfortunately I haven't started watching Korean dramas yet (it's on my to-do list) but hopefully someone knows.
I love the picture of the two of you in this post. Lotte World looks fun. I think it would be great to bring kids there one day. :)
Thinking of you. I'm really enjoying your posts! Can't wait to hear about your meeting with your little princess!!! :)

preciosarockera3 said...

ok i think your talking about the kdrama stairway to heaven right?
haha if so then the main actress
is choi ji woo:D