Saturday, June 12, 2010

Soggy Seoul

There was a VERY small window to take the picture before someone walked in front of it. I clearly wasn't ready. Oh well. Do I look wet, or what?

The Rain. Oh, and there is Dondaemun in the background. :)
One of the gates blocking you out of the palace.
This is the Dongdaemun Palace which is called the Great East Gate. Located right in the heart of traffic and chaos. You can see my umbrella and how hard it was raining. :)
Must be a church. Loved seeing a cross.
The off-the-beaten-path outdoor soggy mall where I found some shoes for Joye.

Wow. Remember I said that it was raining yesterday before we went out? Yeah, well when it rains here, it DUMPS. I mean when it rains in Colorado, it rains but it REALLY gets after it here. Puddles everywhere. I noticed when we first got here that there were drains everywhere and I couldn't figure out what they were for. Now I know. Rain. And lots of it. We were soaked to the bone when we got back to the hotel. I got an umbrella when we first left and I was SO glad that I did. Chad was soaked through. Our shoes were soaked. If you didn't look out, you would step in about a million puddles. Which we all did, many times.

The rain didn't seem to bother the locals. High heels and shoes with a few galoshes were the norm.

We ventured off the beaten path and found a gold mine in shopping. TONS of shoes. I bought three pairs of shoes for Joye. They are SO cute. Pretty cheap too. Then my favorite part was this street vendor that had bedding sets. For those who don't know, Koreans don't typically sleep in beds. Their 'mattresses' are just like a thin quilt and then they sleep on a heated floor. Then they cover up with a puffy comforter. Anyways - I had to buy a quilt-like blanket here. So we found one and they are SO beautiful. I thought it was going to be like 70,000-100,000 won. So we asked and it was 25,000 won! What a steal! I was SO excited. I want to go back and get the comforter and maybe a pillow and have a whole set.

So we tried to find the Seoul City Bus Tour and asked someone to help us and never did find it. Oh well. Today we are going to Lotte World. It's about at 20 minute ride on the Subway. We plan to spend most of the day there. It's still kind of rainy. Looks like it might clear up though.

The sun looks like it's trying to shine. It will be nice and muggy. Better than the rain though. Well we're off. Tomorrow we meet our little princess again, and that will be another highlight. Can't wait!


Hardcorescrapper said...

I just recently found your blog and am just LOVING following your journey in Korea! We also have two "homegrown" boys and are adopting our baby daughter from Korea- hopefully next spring. The pictures of you holding your precious daughter just melted my heart! God is so good! -amber

Steve and Karen said...

Can't wait to hear about tomorrow!!!

Christy said...

Wow - what rain! I hope for drier days ahead. Thinking of you and your beautiful Joye!

Allen and Kala said...

Wow, the rain. Your both a good sport. You'll probably forget about it when you see your little one again!