Friday, June 11, 2010

Random thoughts

We finally got the subway thing figured out. I think. :) You have to remember, we are from a VERY small town. This was all of our first time in a subway. It's pretty easy to navigate, though. You just have to pay attention.

We LOVE our Hotel. It's the Eastgate Tower Hotel and it's right next to the Dongdaemun Shopping Center and the Doota mall. These mall's beat the American malls. Most of them are 7-9 stories high. They go on FOREVER. Then you go to a different mall and the same thing!

We had Korean Bulgogi last night and it was DELICIOUS! The only thing, is that we were clueless on how it all went down. So the owner/server in the restaurant finally just took over and helped us. She cut it all up with scissors. It was really cool. Then she told us what to put in it and was really helpful. YUM.

The hotel is really nice. A few observations: The key to the room is a card that you press flat to the door knob and then it opens. Really cool. Then you ditch your shoes at the door. One funny thing that happened. I have to share. When we checked in and came up to our room it was REALLY hot in here. There was no power and we couldn't get the A/C to work. No lights, it was weird. So we called the front desk (which we have done MANY times, and they are so gracious to help us). They rang the doorbell, yeah no knocking, each room has a doorbell. And he said the door key/card goes in this little dock-like thing at the door. THAT powers the lights, A/C and stuff. Totally cool. Then Chad decided to take a shower. NO hot water. We looked around a little and found that you have to turn on the ondol heated flooring heater to get hot water. And it's fluctuates, it doesn't stay hot. It goes from warm to hot throughout your entire shower. And the bathroom floor floods. Because the shower floor drain, toilet and everything are in the same room. If you don't wear the shower booties you'll have REALLY wet socks.

The beds are really comfortable. Hard, but not to bad. There are no top sheets or tons of blankets. Just one really nice comforter. Pillows are soft and comfy. So far NO complaints there.

It's raining right now and so we aren't sure what we are going to do today. Maybe the Seoul City Bus Tour.

We have an American-style breakfast here and it's pretty good. I have been adventurous and tried the porridge both mornings. Yesterday was a rice porridge and it was pretty bland. I notice that their morning stuff is pretty bland. Then this morning I tried the crab meat porridge and it was REALLY good. Not as bland as yesterday.

The money system it super easy. If you ask how much something is, they show you on a calculator. They have the same numeric characters as us. Another thing is there is ALOT of stuff in English. Everywhere you look, there is billboards and stuff in English. We saw Pierce Brosnan on a BIG billboard as we got into the Incheon Airport. My BIL was like "hey, I know that guy!" It is really easy to buy stuff and it's really simple to use. Easier than the American money system. There are no pennies, dimes nickels and stuff like that. Everything is even. 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 Won all in bills. You'll get a half won back every now and then, but it's really easy to figure out. Seoul is very user-friendly. If you can use that term with a city. It just takes a little while to figure it out.

Well, it looks like we are heading out for the day. Hope all is well back home.

Love to you all.


Kara said...

That's so funny that you mentioned about the key card to turn on the lights and power. Jesse's room did the same thing. It's so smart and energy efficient. I wish the hotels in the states would do that! Love the posts!!

Kmoana said...

I'm LOVING reading about your journey, and hoping we will be right there soon!

Laura and John said...

I can't wait to be in Seoul!! I am currently living vicariously through all you guys that are getting your bundles of joy. Elizabeth Frick, another korean AP is currently in Seoul, too. It would be neat for you guys to meat up! :) They have apparently been there before so maybe they could help you navigate. I am not sure if their baby is SWS or Eastern? She is on facebook and her blog is IloveOlive. It is private, but I am betting she follows your blog. Good luck!!!

Steve and Karen said...

We asked at our front desk for a feather bed topper and believe it or not they did have one. Or you can ask for an extra comforter and put it under your fitted sheet. I agree and the beds are incredibly hard.

Glad to hear that your trip is going well.