Monday, June 14, 2010

2nd Meeting

It's almost 6:00 here and we had a really good meeting with Dr. Kim. She is SUCH a nice lady. We had lunch with her and met two other couples from the US and then a couple from Australia. Really great to meet them. We shared stories of being around Seoul and discussed adoption and the flight home. All three of our families will be on the same flight home. It ought to be interesting.

Sidenote: Remember how I said that I didn't think Eastern was that big? I take that back. It has SIX floors. The area I thought was bigger than it really is, is the Social Worker area. It's pretty tiny.

Our second meeting with Joye went well. We met in the Business Center(which is where I am now) and then we took her up to our room and had Family Time. She was pretty happy. There were times when she looked around and put her little lip out. She cried a few times. It was really sad. Both Chad and I are sad to take her from Foster Mom. But that is what we came here to do, realistically. I had bouts of guilt and sadness and then I had to focus on the prize. Two paths. Leave her here, or take her with us. It's obvious what we came here to do. Foster Mom has done this 14 times, she knows what is coming. It breaks my heart to pieces. None of this is easy.

Our SW gave us a choice, to take her Tuesday night or wait until Wednesday before we leave for the airport. She doesn't have stranger anxiety, but she will react to Foster Mom leaving. I really debated on this. Chad left it up to me and my Mother's intuition. I would rather get the crying out here, than at the airport. So I chose tomorrow. We will get her forever tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m. I'm excited but a little nervous. This is where you all come in. Prayers. Please.

Near the end of the meeting, she fell asleep in my arms. Priceless. When she woke up, she was in Foster mom's arms. Not ideal, but we went with it. She woke up suddenly and then Foster Mom told her to say goodbye to us. She excitedly waved goodbye and looked VERY happy to see us go. :)

After the meeting we went to Dunkin' Donuts and sat. Then we ventured out and I FINALLY found the CD's I have been looking for since we touched down. YAY for that!

Well, we are headed out for dinner and we will probably see you on the other side. I really don't know if I will post again before we head out. We plan to hit Itaewon tomorrow with our new friends we met today. That ought to be fun. I'm sad to think about leaving this awesome country. We can't WAIT to come back or shall I say- adopt again?! Let's just get sweet Joye home first, then we'll talk about that! HA!

Love from the Land of the Morning Calm.


Kara O said...

What a great meeting!!!! So glad it went well. You made the right decision by choosing to get her tomorrow. Jesse wishes he had chose that. He got her the day before he left and she cried for 24hours and would not let him put her down. He had no sleep at all the night before the big flight and there were times where he thought he was going to lose it because of the lack of sleep. I'm praying for you to have a safe flight and can't wait to see pics of all of you together. Congrats!!!

SNC said...

I'll be sending prayers to you for your first night together and your flight home. It will be tough, emotionally and physically (little to no sleep for a bit)...but you have an advantage which is you are already parents...we had to dust off our parenting skills when we brought our little one home. Good luck and safe travels...I look forward to hearing about your trip home.

Christy said...

Prayers for all 3 of you! I'm sure this will be tough but in the end the creation of a beautiful family.

Lucky Mama said...

Amazing to think that soon you will be holding your girl in your arms forever. CONGRATS!!!

Brittany said...

I have loved seeing all the fun things you are doing. I had no idea it was so rainy! I'm excited for you that you will get to have Joye the night before you leave. We're hoping to do that too. I can't wait to hear about it. We will be praying!!
I'm so glad you saw Samara!! That made my day.

Michelle said...

Sending big prayers up for you tonight for a good night tomorrow (Tuesday night) with your sweet daughter. I will also be thinking/sending good thoughts for all of you for a safe journey home. She is finally where is she meant to be Jayme. :)

kelly said...

Thinking positive thoughts for you guys - safe travels back!