Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Waiting Wednesday

I love Homeschooling. I love being home. I know many families can't stay home with their children and I understand that. Homeschooling is SO perfect for our family and here are 10 reasons why I am so thankful for it:

1. Being able to monitor what exactly my precious children are learning. Notice I said monitor instead of control. Big difference, no? (not really)

2. Being able to pray over each lesson and start each day with prayer.

3. Being able to find the right curriculum that fits each child. Although both boys are using the same curriculum, IF the need be I could research and change it, if I wanted to.

4. Having the freedom of adjusting school to our schedule. Like this year we allotted an entire month (we actually thought baby sister was going to be home before we got done with school, what were we thinking) to adjust to having a little one. Now we'll be done April 16th.

5. Doing school in our Jammies.

6. Sometimes we start at 8:00 sharp and sometimes we start at a little after 9:00. No biggie, it all gets done, eventually.

7. Building a strong foundation. This scripture that is painted on the wall of our homeschooling room helps me to realize what this is all for. "For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ." 1 Corinthians 3:11. Building a foundation strongly rooted in Christ.

8. Being able to do lessons in the morning and then having the rest of the day to play, meet with friends and go places.

9. I am re-learning right along with them. I just recently found out how interesting History is and now enjoy re-buffing my math skills. Who knew you could do this at thirty-years-old?

10. Watching them learn and seeing their progress from year to year.

Again, I DO NOT judge those who Public School. I know each does his/her own and what is best for their family. This is what is best for ours. I am very thankful for the opportunity to be their teacher.


Lucky Mama said...

So what curriculum do you use? We are thinking about homeschooling in the fall.

Kara said...

Love it!!!!!! I share every one of them with you. Especially the jammies one. Seriously Riley and I don't get dressed until lunchtime.

Lauren said...

awesome!! John and I both feel like we will home school Tucker when he is home with us. Your list is reflective of SEVERAL of the reasons why we want to do that. I think it's what God has for our family too -- it just seems to be what works! :)

The Kirk Fam said...

Love your post! I agree with all the blessings you listed. I was able to share our reasons why we home school yesterday with another mom who is considering it for next year. Just verbalizing "our call" to someone else is such an encouragement. As I enter each day I am so thankful for all God's tender mercies as he leads and guides me along this path, knowing I couldn't do anything with out him! I also can't believe all I have learned as I teach my kiddos and often wonder...what exactly did I learn when I was in school???? :)

God's Grace to you as you pour out into your family today.