Friday, March 12, 2010

Fashion Friday

In light of all the clothes that I have accumulated and the fact that they aren't doing anything - yet. Kara and I have decided to pull out some of our favorites and put them to good use. They have to earn their keep, right?

Because I have seen the adoption wait string out in front of me, I have relented to buying 18-24 month clothes. I am just not sure how big she will be when she comes home. SOME of the stuff I have is 12 months, but very little. She was a little peanut, well littler than my boys, when she was born and so I wonder if she will be petite. I have only received one update and she was below the 'normal' weight and length for her age. Anyway, I can get by on the few outfits I have and then always get more later.

Here are some too-cute jammies that I got for her. Can't WAIT to snuggle with her in these. :)

Every Fourth of July, we go to a local celebration called Cherry Days. It's called that because the cherry trees are usually weighed down with ripe cherries. Chad and I have gone every year since we first started dating. So that would be . . . thirteen years, this year. Every year we say, "by this time next year. . . " Last year we said "we should have baby sister by then." If I don't have her home by the Fourth of July Celebration I am going to cry. A good meltdown/breakdown cry.

See the little cherries on this adorable dress? What-the-heck am I going to do with THIS if she's not home? Huh? Tell me! (Sigh) Anyways, this was the first 'dress' that I broke down and finally purchased. And it's a 12 month. So she has to be home. Has. to. be. Can't use it for next year.
(She will - gotta think positive, gotta think positive!)

(Above) is the little bloomer-type pants that go with it. And (below) is the dress in it's entirety, cute huh? I though so.

I got this cute-little-thing on sale. Brown . . . pink, had to get it.

Well, that's it for this week. Those are my favorite's. I can't wait to see my girl IN all of them . . . soon.


Lauren said...

oh my gosh!! the dress with the bloomer pants is just the cutest outfit ever!!!

Kara said...

I WANT the cherry outfit. That is SO Cute!!!!!!! I think our Fashion Friday is a hit. Let's keep it up!! How fun!!

Allen and Kala said...

That outfit is adorable. I'll be praying she will be home by July. I kind of think she will be mama!!!

SNC said...

I love the adorable cherry outfit...that is so cute!! I need to get some 4th of July outfits for my girls!

Tina said...

cute cloths. OUr little girl came home at 8 months old and was in 6-9 month clothing. She is now 19 months old and is just now in 18 mo tops and still in 12 mo bottoms. :-) She is 20 pounds now. Maybe this will help compare sizes.