Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lucky #10!

We have moved up one more spot on the girl's list!!!! We are finally #10! It is single digits from here on out! This is the number that we are supposed to start our Homestudy, but that is already completed, well . . . for the most part. We haven't heard from our SW to have us review it yet, but all of our info is in, and all of our visits are finished. So, in essence, we are ahead. We will see . . . some families in our Yahoo group have had their HS questioned by the state. Things like "what is the make and model of the car they drive?" and "do they have any guns and if so, are they locked up and in a safe place?" - I can see the point of the gun issue but, the one that gets me is "do they have any dogs, and if so, what is the breed?"

Either way, we have left our HS, and all of it's contents in the hands of our Heavenly Father, and He will take care of it all. This I know, and have faith in.


Shelley said...

Yea!!! #10! Guess that means we are #18!!! I hope you get your referral very, very soon!

Steve and Karen said...

My 9 year old son can't wait to turn 10 and be in double digits.... but us on the list LOVE can't wait until we're in the single digit. It goes so fast from here.