Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Memorial Box Wednesday

Linn, and many of her bloggy friends, host Memorial Box Monday and Thankful Thursday. So Monday I had Thankful Monday and today I'm having Memorial Box Wednesday. I'm all mixed up . . . but you all get the point, thankfully. I don't think I have done a Memorial Box Monday post yet, because I don't actually have a Memorial Box to remember from. In light of that, I will explain what a "Memorial Box" is and why I chose to write about it today. A Memorial Box is really anything that holds reminders of God's faithfulness. Linn has had her Memorial Box for many years and has inspirational story after heart-warming story of God's wonderful faithfulness. Like I said, I don't have a box, but if I did, there would be something in there reminding me of this story.

Since the beginning of our Adoption process I learned that when you get your referral, you have about 24-48 hours to review the information and decide whether to accept or deny. During that period, you are to contact your Doctor, send him/her all the medical information and then they are to review the medical issues (if any). You then decide if this is the little one meant to be in your family. (For the record, I don't know if I could say "no")

I love our family Doctor and he has been a perfect fit for our needs. However, he's not the one that I would look to for a review of our referral. When we went in for our physicals he asked what we were doing this for and I told him. He isn't even familiar with Adoption, nonetheless International Adoption. So for months I researched, asked other Adoptive families and obsessed that there would be no one to review our baby' file. I ended up finding some contacts but they were either very expensive and couldn't guarantee a timeframe. It was something that was on my mind alot. Not to mention in my prayers alot.

Well about a month ago, a gentle whisper told me "why don't you email that couple, from your training class?" This particular couple are both Family Physicians, and have twin girls from Korea and had just had their baby boy escorted about a week before we met them. Hmmm . . International Adoption experience . . . with Korea! I was also on this, what if twins were offered and we were #1, kick so, I decided to email them, ask about their twins and see if they wouldn't mind reviewing our referral when we were blessed with one. He was the nicest and most awsome man. He told me that they were actually #3 or 4 when they got the call for their twin girls. The other families ahead of them passed. And then said that he and his wife would LOVE to look at our referral and actually he's a consult for our agency!! I was giddy for a good week!!! Everything with this process has been blessed by the hands of God and I am in awe! He's also relatively close (about 40 miles) and if I feel the need, I could take our baby girl there for check-up's and such. It was just too awesome of a story to not tell. (I'll have to share my what-if-twins' story later, it's a pretty good one too!) God is GOOD . . . all the time.

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Shelley said...

Beautiful story! Just think, if you got your referral at #3 or 4...Could be any day!!!!!!!!