Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Dentist

Today I took my youngest, A, to get two root canals and a filling. I know, I know "Mother of the Year." The bad thing is that I literally grew up in a Dentist's Office, and to date I have not one filling. I know better! My Mom was a Dental Assistant for over 20 years and her Mom (my Nana) was one for over 30 years!! Talk about denying your youth! My oldest K, had (just) one root canal three years prior, you would think I would have learned then, but I didn't. So needless to say we are "on the books" for the next 10-14 years with regular appointments.

Not only was it hard to see my little guy sitting in the Dental Chair with a Nitrous mask on his nose, but it was also REALLY EXPENSIVE! Like I said before, I know better, and with anything early detection is the key.

He did AWESOME, no apprehension, and took it like a trooper . . . until his lip and tongue started to wake up. Talked him through the creepy-tingling feeling, gave him some Tylenol and he was good-to-go. So, he now has some great bling-bling to match Bubba's (big brother). Good thing they are not right in the front (they're molars) and they're in his baby teeth, which he will loose (whew!) We're going to take extra good care of those permanents, once they come in. K (our oldest) had a great appointment and has NO cavities (hallelujah!) We are avid brushers, but that's no excuse, and we will be going every six-months. Lesson learned. Late. But there is still hope for those permanent teeth!!

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Steve and Karen said...

With my three boys, it was the same. We do 2min of brushing and the rinse. We went every 6 mo for a cleaning and still we pretty much had the same results as you. My with mostly adult cavity free at appts. My twins...cavities almost every check up. So, don't beat yourself up. That's why God gave us baby teeth!!!! He knows!!!!!