Monday, April 20, 2009

Thankful Monday

First of all, we are now #8! Other waiting Mom's, that are closer, have said after you are #10 it really tends to go fast. I'm so thankful they're right! A couple with our agency that has been on hold for a while finally got their referral on Friday! HUGE Congrats to them!!!

Then, this morning our SW called with a couple of questions about our Homestudy - which is a really good sign towards completion! God is faithful! The next step is reviewing our HS and then it gets sent to our agency. It then gets sent to the State (CO) and then off to Korea. If I understand it right, our agency usually sends the HS off to Korea very close to our expected referral. I am so thankful.

This weekend, my sister-in-law and brother came home for his birthday. It was so great to see the both of them. They don't live far, but it was great to be together and laugh. They both are such awesome people and I am so thaknkful for the time spent with them.


I absolutlely LOVE our church. Our Pastor was the vehicle who started the "Adoption Ball" rolling with us. He has a little girl from China and is adopting again through Haiti. Like I've mentioned before, Chad had the desire to adopt a few months after we lost the baby, and I wasn't really on board. I had alot of " soul searching" to do. I then caught on, and God really spoke to my heart. Pastor K had a series of messages (three, actually) that really tugged on me. After the third one, Chad and I looked at each other and we both knew it was time. God was calling both of us to adopt.

At about that time, an Adoption Ministry was beginning to take root. (How divine is that?!) We started meeting some really cool couples. They have Adoption support meetings every month, and we've made just one. We live 40 miles away and they sometimes coincide with Kaleb's Pack Meetings. We have couples adopting from China, Haiti, Domestic and some Foster-to-Adopt. We are the only family adopting from Korea, though. I'm really trying to spread the word! Anyways, our church has a goal to adopt 100 children before December 2010. This past weekend was #1! A couple adopted a beautiful baby boy via domestic. And another couple is very close to getting their baby as well. They are both through the same agency in Salt Lake. Once their file opens it takes about 2-4 weeks to get their little one!

I think it is so great to have a Pastor that has a heart for Orphans. We've been with our church for over 10 years and I have never seen such a movement to reach out to children like this. I believe there are over 60 couples involved with the Adoption Ministry and are somewhere in the process. Not to mention the many couples that have already adopted and make up an AWESOME support system. I am so thankful.


Rachel said...

That is so awesome! It is exciting to hear you are moving up the list :)

Our Pastor and his wife were such an encouragement to us as we struggled with infertility and looked at the possibility of adopting. They have adopted domestically and have a real heart for orphan care. We are actually in the process of starting an adoption/orphan care ministry at our church right now and it is so exciting! God has been bringing tons of couples who have or are adopting and it is so good to be with people who have been through it!

Steve and Karen said...

It is going fast isn't it. I am so glad to be surrounded by so many positive people who are on the same journey.

Karen, #5 girls list