Thursday, April 30, 2009

God chose Mary

Kaleb and I were reading our Bible lesson yesterday morning and what he read out loud struck me:

"Jesus was born into a very special family. Mary, his mother, was chosen by God."

I guess I always knew this, but thinking like an adoptive mother, the meaning of it all really hit me. I'm not saying that I am Mary, and am not equating my situation to that of Mary's, but it made me think . . .

"God chose me to be the mother of a very special little girl in Korea, and He chose her to be a part of our family."

This revelation made me think of Joseph's relationship to Jesus. God was Jesus' father, and yet Joseph loved him just like a father would. Amazing isn't it?! God didn't wait until Mary and Joseph had been married and concieved a child together, and then say "this child within you is Jesus, the Son of God."(that wouldn't have worked, but you get the point) He designed it all as an Adoption story.

So when my little brown-eyed beauty begins to ask me all the questions about her birth family, why we decided to adopt and how she came to be "ours" I will refer to this story and tell her "God picked us all out like flowers, put us in a vase, which is our family, and He is the water that keeps us growing, together."

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Steve and Karen said...

Ohhhhh....I love that!!!!!!