Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Waiting Wednesday

I almost forgot that today is Wednesday! Wouldn't that be a bummer if I missed out on the Waiting Wednesday's post! I think so!

So here are 10 girly things that make having a daughter much more special:

1. Pink.

2. Pigtails, ponytails, braids and just being able to fix her hair.

3. Nail Polish. The glittery kind.

4. Dresses. Especially Easter ones.

5. Shopping together. For clothes, of course.

6. Cute dressy, polka-dot, frilly and everything else that makes girls shoes adorable.

7. Watching Cinderella and Snow White, instead of Star Wars and The Military Channel.

8. Purple-instead of Camo.

9. Girls day's where the boys are camping and it's just her and I.

10. Color-coordinating her outfits with clippies, shoes and all the accessories. Boys are kind of funny with the color-coordination thing. I've tried, and it just doesn't stick. My husband tells me it doesn't matter. But NOW it does!


heidi said...

Love it! Now you'll have a tom-boy for sure. :) J/K.

Kara said...

I would have to second all of them. I am so looking forward to having pink stuff since it has been monster trucks and trains for so long. I can't get enough of the Easter dresses. Crackerbarrel has the cutest dresses but I told myself that she will probably not be here by Easter so I can't buy any. Like she needs them anyway, did you see her closet?


Tracie said...

Your darling is so... DARLING!!!

I have loved buying girly stuff again. :)