Sunday, January 25, 2009

Race Day

Yesterday was the highly anticipated Pinewood Derby! Kaleb and Chad, well mostly Chad, have been designing, carving, sanding, and creating their Pinewood Derby cars for the past month. Chad put his heart and soul into these two cars. They had a non-Cub Scout race that the Dad's could enter in. Papa, Chad and Kaleb were convinced that they would take 1st place or at least Best in Show. Luckily, Kaleb wasn't disappointed when he took 4th (out of 6 cars) in his Den. He didn't place very high in overall either. He received a pretty blue "participation" ribbon, in which he was thrilled about. It was our first year, and we learned alot. They are already planning for next years race. It was a great day and Kaleb is so happy to be a Tiger Cub.

I couldn't help but thinking that next year, all five of us will be there to watch the Derby. I can't WAIT!!! Our Social Worker called Chad last week and gave us a "heads up" on our Training. It will take place this coming Friday and Saturday. We still need to do our individual interviews for our Homestudy, and so we have to come an hour early to Training and stay an hour later. This should complete our Homestudy. All of our paperwork is in, and we have covered everything but our individual interviews, so we'll see!

I am excited to start Training. I've heard that there is alot of useful information covered and it will be great to actually meet other couples. I guess there is only us and two other couples. It will be fun, though. The boys will be with Grandma, so it will be nice weekend getaway.

Here are some pictures from the Derby.
Here's the whole "Pack" with their cars.

This is Chad's car.

Kaleb's Car

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Shelley said...

Have fun at your training! Ours is in March, so you will have to let me know how it is!!

Cute cars...I remember my brothers doing the pinewood derby, but I don't remember their cars looking quite that awesome!