Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well we have moved three spots on the list since 2008. I just called our agency today to ask them a couple of questions about our paperwork and then asked them what number we are and he said #14! Things are looking up for the New Year! Praise the LORD!!

I have been looking all over for a fundraiser that I could do while we are waiting for our little girl. I really didn't want to depend and deplete all of our friends and family. So Chad and I came up with the idea of having a huge Yard Sale in the spring. All of our family and friends can then contribute stuff that they don't use anymore, if they feel led to. I am doing some early spring cleaning and making some baby rag quilts. My father-in-law made some really nice birdhouses and Crosses for Christmas gifts this year and I asked him to make some for the sale. We're throwing around the idea of having lunch for sale too. We rent a building on a major Highway that we use for our business and were thinking that would draw many more people by having it there. We are so excited to see God move in miraculous ways with this sale.

Here is a couple pictures of one of the baby Rag Quilts I already made. I hoping to make 2-3 more before Spring! I usually procrastinate, so I'm really glad to have at least one done!


Shelley said...

Yea for moving up on the list!

How about raffling off one of your cute quilts? I have thought about doing something like that too.

Jayme said...

I never thought about a raffle. That's a great idea! Thanks!

Shelley said...

You can even 'sell' tickets on your blog if you want. You can either add a 'donate' button like I have through paypal, or a 'chipin' button. Just a thought!