Monday, February 2, 2009


This past weekend we attended our Training. We both were looking forward to it and it didn't dissappoint. Friday, our Social Workers' daughters talked about life as an Adoptee. It was great to see things through their eyes. Both were adopted from Korea, and are now in their 20's.

Then Saturday 3 families that have adopted through AAC, came and shared their adorable children and experiences. We were also blessed to have lunch with them all at a local restuarant.

We have enjoyed every step that we have gone through in this process, but the training made it all seem more real. Seeing the families with their children really helped us to envision our little girl. The term "pregnant on paper," is used often because that's what it is. There's nothing tangible to relate with. That all changed this weekend. It was awesome!

As far as the Homestudy, I keep telling myself that there's no hurry and it's all in God's timing. Appearantly, there has to be "spacing" inbetween meetings so we have the correct # of contacts with our Social Worker. You can't have all the meetings real close to each other. So we will be meeting again in the next week to do our individual interviews. I am very anxious to get it done, but we're not even #10 yet, so technically we shouldn't even be started. Patience. I would like to get the HS done, to apply for some grants and 0% loans, but again . . . all in God's hands and I need to just trust. This is His journey and He has all of the details worked out.

If you haven't visited Shelley's blog recently, she is sooooo close to making the $5000 mark on her Raffle! Can you believe it! Fellow bloggers have given almost $5000 to bring her little Claire home! Help her make her goal, plus she will be giving away TWO prize packages if she reaches it. She's extended it until Thursday! Visit her blog to buy tickets and to see what she's giving away!


Shelley said...

We are supposedly doing our training in March...I haven't heard any more on it, so perhaps I should follow up and make sure!

Thanks again for the link to our fundraiser! You are SO SWEET!

Tracie said...

Hi, Jayme... looks like we're pretty close on the list! Thanks for reading my blog! It will be fun to follow each other as we get closer to our babies.

Lucky Mama said...

I so would love to go to the training with all of you. Sometimes being an out of state family is really no fun!!!

Mom Of Many said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for joining in with the friends at A Place Called Simplicity...such a blessing!

I pray that the Lord will minister to your deepest needs!

Hugs from Colorado,

Steve and Karen said...

There's buzz that a referral for a girl came in the week of Valentine's we may have moved up.