Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One Month

Today, my little peanut turns 7 months old. It's been one whole month since we said "she's OURS!" No legals - yet. Our agency went to Korea the week before Thanksgiving and 'word on the street' is that they took pictures and should be mailing them out soon. I'm a rather-be-surprized-kind-of-a-gal, so I haven't emailed/called our agency to see if they have recent pictures of our little darling. I'm hoping they do, but no guarentees. I'm also hoping that our legals are in that picture package. :)

I really thought that the wait to bring her home would be cake. But one month in, I can't wait to hold her, see her, listen to her sleep and just be with her. It's alot harder than I thought, but I will survive, and there IS an end in sight, now. I have literally tons of compassion for waiting mom's that have had to wait beyond the time they were orginally told. I feel for them, really feel for them. One things for sure, this adoption road isn't for the faint of heart.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray for the families that are waiting to bring thier children home. I pray that you will personally see to each piece of paper, each stage, each process that will get their babies home sooner. Please cover ALL adoptions with your loving provision. Please cover ALL of Your children and protect them as they wait for their forever families. Please give these families the strength to get through these times. Thank you for everything, in advance.
In Jesus' precious name,


Steve and Karen said...

Thank you for the prayer....I pray for you too. It is a hard wait but it is full of joy and excitement and not the worry that went along with the waiting for a referral. My heart doesn't feel as heavy because a big part of it is in Korea.

SNC said...

I agree, thank you so much for the felt great reading it. I pray and feel for all the families like us who wait to hold our little ones soon in our arms. Hopefully you'll receive new photos and your legals to pick you up as you take another step closer to bringing her home.

Tracie said...


Lucky Mama said...

Just saw the new pic of Joy in your side bar. What a cutie!!

Tracie said...

LOVE the new picture of Joye!!! She is adorable!!!

Kara said...

Thank you for the prayer. Did you get new pics? She is so cute. I bet Joye and Ashley were at Eastern last week together getting their checkups. I wish we could get a picture of them together. That would be awesome.