Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Abram!!!

My little Abram turns five today! He's actually not very "little" anymore. In fact, if he heard me say that he was "little" he would correct me by saying "I'm not little, I'M BIG!" So now that he is a BIG brother now, he's content with no longer being the baby of the family. As much as I want for time to fly, so that we can be united with our youngest child in Korea, I have a hard time with my babies getting older each year. I CANNOT believe that my little snuggler is five today. :(

Abram is a lively, witty and happy little boy (I keep saying little - I just can't help it!) He makes us laugh ALOT! But when he's grumpy - WOW - you can't change his mind! He's not the biggest eater, but he loves Spaghetti (only from a local restaurant here in town), pizza, candy (of any kind) and gum. This kid LOVES gum. He would chew it all. day. long. if I let him.

He is one of THE most loveable little guys I have ever been around. Hugs all around at every family gathering. He is known for making quick friends and for entertaining.

He LOVES his brother, but also loves time away from him. ;) Typical siblings. He likes what Bubba likes and looks up to him alot.

Many people have asked me how Abram will adjust to having a baby sister. If he will react to not being the baby anymore. I really don't think it will bother him much. He is VERY easy going. I think he will be a great big brother.
He loves school, he's really good at writing and can tend to be perfectionist. He's left handed, like me, so he does have the "right brain" artistic-ness. He loves to color and draw.

He was born with blue eyes (I know literally ALL babies are born with blue eyes - but his stayed blue until he was about 4.) and curly hair. LOVE the curly hair. It's just like Chad's and like Chad - he hates it. I comb it up and gel it, and he mashes it down. It's really a big bummer! Flat won't let me touch it! I think he just does it because I want it curly so darn bad! Did I mention that under this curly cuteness is a little bit of stubborness? Ohhhhhh yeah. He has quite the temper . . . let me tell 'ya.

He is very imaginative and loves building things. Lego's, boxes, strings, you name it - it is all fair game when it comes to his little inventions. Who knows what he is going to be when he grows up!?

I absolutely LOVE this boy and I am so very thankful for him. God made him SOOOO special and I am so glad that I get to be his mother.

Happy Fifth Birthday Abram! We love you so much!

I wish for you on this day, that all your dreams will come true, that your Heavenly Father will give you the desires of your heart and that HE will bless you immensely in the years to come. I love you, Wooda!

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