Thursday, March 5, 2009

Homestudy . . . D-O-N-E!!!

Last night our Social Worker came over and did our Individual Interviews for our Homestudy. I went first, and then Chad came home from work and he did his. I feel it went very well. Our SW is the sweetest lady, both of us absolutely LOVE her. Thankfully, she isn't looking for things to "fail" us on, it's just mainly talking, and making sure there aren't any hidden issues that we need to discuss. Coincidentally, I don't think that there is any order in which the HS is performed, but I'm pretty sure we did it all backwards. First, was our Home visit, then couples interview, then our individual's. I've been looking at other timelines and discovered this minor detail. Oh well, it actually worked better this way, both for us and for her. I actually like the fact that we did it different, makes it all the more special. Speaking of special, it dawned on Chad and I that this is a monumental achievement in our Adoption Journey! No, really - the HS was the most daunting of all the tasks thus far, for us, anyway. So we celebrated with a dinner out, just the two of us, the boys were with Grandma, again - I LOVE our Grandma's :). Our SW will then type it all up and give it to us for review. Now, we just hurry up . . . and wait.


For those of you wondering Escort or Travel? Chad and I haven't completely decided on this yet. We would absolutely LOVE to go pick our little one up in her birth country, see the sites, meet her Foster Mom - once in a lifetime opportunity, no doubt! However, we are praying diligently for God's will in this. We are preparing for both. I want the travel to be His plan, and not force it, if that makes sense. So, I did apply for my passport today and get my lovely picture taken, just in case we are meant to travel. Chad will be getting his too, just in case. Doesn't hurt to have a Passport, I have been told that it's nice to have, and that it saves preparation in the future. Either way, we will be prepared and are leaving the rest up to Him.


Shelley said...

Congrats on finishing the homestudy! We are starting ours on the 16th!

I sure hope your passport photo turned out better than mine!!!

Rachel said...

Isn't it so exciting to finish the homestudy?!?! We did ours in all the wrong order too but I was kind of glad - I was most nervous about the home visit but once that was done I realized it wasn't going to be as scary as I thought. So excited for you to be one step further on the journey!!!

Steve and Karen said...

Our home study was done like yours....both times....three times actually.

On regards to traveling...have you watched the videos of Losiah's pick up in Korea on UTube. It's soooo good. I have it on my blog at the bottom. Look for the tiny square with a Korean lady on it. You can click on it here and watch. Or you can go to Utube and search "losiah" and there are about 14 videos of their trip to Korea. I watched allll of them.


Mary and James said...

Yea!! Congrats! Also, wonderful news about moving on up on the waiting list! It will go quickly I'm sure of it!

Marcus/Tash said...

Very Exciting!! We can't wait to get our home study done! Talk about having it backwards... We are already top of the referral list and don't have our homestudy done. We would love it if you could link us to the AAC Yahoo group. It would be great to be in touch with everyone. Thanks! Tash