Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Joye!

Today, my baby girl turns One Year Old! I can't believe it! I thought of her all day long yesterday, because that was when she probably celebrated her Birthday with her Foster Family. At about 9:00 last night I thought "I wonder what she is doing right now?" Because it was noon in Korea on the day she would be celebrating. I have no idea when the party was, but I can't WAIT to get some pictures!

The First Birthday is a BIG deal in Korea. They do it up BIG. It's called a Dol. They dress them up in their Hanboks and make up a HUGE table full of food and then lay some things out like a piece of thread, a pen or pencil, money, and I forget the other stuff. Anyway the babies are encouraged to pick something off the table. If they pick the piece of thread, they are said to have a long life. The pen or pencil means they will be a scholar. And the money usually means they will be wealthy in life. I wonder what Joye picked? I'm sure we will soon find out.

We celebrated our day in a different fashion. First, we went under the house an drug out all the pieces to Joye's crib. I just couldn't bare the thought of an empty crib for six months. So we decided to put it up today. So here it is.
We also retrieved the changing table top (from underneath the house as well) and I put it in the Laundry Room. We're going to take a stab at the whole Cloth-Diaper thing and so changing her in the Laundry Room makes sense. Wait to you see my collection of cloth diapers, oh so cute!
Then we hung her cute-little towel on her own little hook - right next to Wall-e and Spiderman (the boys' towels.)
Then we watched the first disk to "Stairway to Heaven" again. Our favorite KDrama. We wanted to watch the series again, to see what Lotte World looks like. Can't wait to visit there someday.

I then got started on supper, which looked like this - Bibimbop. LOVED IT. Not because I cooked it, but because it was really good. It's a keeper. I am going to have to make this more often.
We made confetti Cupcakes with PINK Cherry Frosting and blew out little Joye's candle for her.

The boys were able to blow out their own candle as well.

It was a good day. I was sad at first, when I got out of bed. But then I realized that it's a real special thing that she was able to spend her first birthday in Korea with her Foster Family. The pictures will be priceless. She had an authentic Dol, something that I can't give her here. I will have many, many more birthday's to celebrate in a lifetime. One away from her isn't going to kill me.

I missed her like crazy, though. And I can't WAIT to get her home.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! We love you more than you'll EVER know and we can't wait to have you here! (Happy Birthday to little Bee too, Joye's unofficial twin!)


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Joye! It's a very special day to celebrate and it's hard to not have her there with you but you're right Jayme, you will have so many more to share with her and this one is extra special that she can spend in Korea with her FM. I LOVE that you made confetti cupcakes! Growing up, my mom always made me confetti cake for my B-Day and actually still does! It's hard to not be with our babies on their 1st birthdays, but in the big picture, we will have them for the rest of their lives so it's kind of nice that their FM get to share this with them after taking such good care of them. Hang in there - your EP is coming. . . Thinking of you.

kelly said...

What a lovely, beautiful post. I love that you celebrated Joye's birthday so fully, and I love your attitude about this being special that she's able to have her Dol in Korea in a very authentic way. I'm psyching myself up to think this way too when Max's birthday arrives in June. (Wish me luck :) Btw, how cool that Joye & Bee share the same birthday!!

Lucky Mama said...

Happy Birthday Joye!

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Joye! I look forward to finding out what she picked during the Dol celebration. Any EP news? I was hoping they'd go straight to Nov since aac had no Oct referrals.

Allen and Kala said...

What a great way to celebrate her birthday. Can't wait to see some pictures!