Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Waiting Wednesday

Yet another Wednesday passes and it's time for a theme. I have been feeling very excited about Joye coming home. It seemed so far away and out of reach, and now seems a bit closer. At night I think about the things that will change our lives forever when she finally comes home. The good things, of course.

10 things that I look forward to doing with Joye when she comes home:

1. Watching her sleep.

2. Snuggling with her.

3. Carrying her. With the help of the Beco that I have. :)

4. Playing with her on the floor.

5. Having her with us at mealtime and introducing foods to her. A little at a time.

6. Reading books to her.

7. Playing peek-a-boo and singing "Twinkle Twinkle" together. She won't understand a word at first, so I did get a Korean Children's CD to help us out a little.

8. Watching the boys play and interact with her.

9. Giving her kisses and telling her how much I love her.

10. Just being together. All of us. Seeing her little personality evolve. Getting to know her better each and every day.

I know the first couple nights home will be hard. She won't know us from strangers. But I pray everyday that her transition will go well. I just can't imagine being ripped from everything I know. My heart hurts for the fear and confusion she will face. We'll get through it and everything on my list will be totally worth it. :)

Happy Wednesday! One more down! How many more will there be, I wonder?


Steve and Karen said...

I wanted to offer to take a package to Korea for Joye if you want. I'm expecting to leave 1-2 week of May and will have room if you want me to.


Michelle said...

Love all of your Waiting Wednesdays, but this one is a keeper for sure. I think about these kinds of things each and every day and can't wait until I'm 1 month out and it seems REALLY real that he's coming home. You're almost there!!!

Allen and Kala said...

I can't wait to see pictures of all the things you mentioned! Do you mind me asking what Korean CD you have. I've been looking for one!