Friday, January 8, 2010

NEW for the New Year

Yesterday, we were heading off to Cub Scouts and I thought I would check my mail. In my lovely mailbox was a small envelope from our agency. I wasn't expecting anything from them(??) Inside were NEW pictures of my baby girl, with a NEW outfit that we sent her in our care package!! To say I was delighted would be a total understatement! Doesn't she look like an ornery little booger in this one (above)? We couldn't help but love the little look she has!

I know, breath-taking! I'm sorry, but she is THE cutest little girl on the planet. Seriously. It looks like she *might* have had a haircut. I cannot believe how much she has changed! I remember when my agency friends got updated pictures of their children when I was still waiting for a referral and I couldn't believe how much the babies changed from one photo to the next. And now I STILL can't believe it!

I think the boys ache to have her home just as much as Chad and I do. After they looked at the pictures long and hard, both of them had a tinge of sadness come over them. " I really want baby sister home - now!" I hear ya boys, I totally hear ya.

Speaking of getting her home, there are some major checkpoints that we have hit since last year- meaning 2009 (just thought I would clarify.) :) I had to enter in a third year on our timeline in the sidebar, it's getting preeeetty lengthy.

1. Homestudy was approved by the state on 12/7. (YAY!) This was a VERY big one for Chad and I. Some friends of ours had a big hang-up on this one. Our approval came one year (exactly to the DAY) from our first homestudy meeting. Ironic? -I think not!

2. Our USCIS was submitted directly after that and got our I600a ball rolling. On the 23, on Christmas Eve Eve, we got our I797C. Which basically stated that our I600 paperwork has made it's way to where it should go and a file has been opened for us and sweet baby Joye.

Next step: Fingerprint letter from USCIS. It comes via mail and then Chad and I hop on down to get our Federal Fingerprints at our local office. After those are done . . . we wait for our I600 approval. We have been prepared to wait 90 days for this step. Hoping and praying it won't be, but we are prepared for it.

3. And last, but not least, my baby girl turned 8 months old on the 2nd. Sigh. There are times when I get sad that I'm not there for each day that she turns older, but yet, I know that this is part of the process. Part of the journey. I know that I will be with her . . . someday. I know that each day she's away from us, she is being cared for by a wonderful, loving woman. I know that there is a special Angel that watches her sleep, eat and learn new things. I know that our Heavenly Father holds her in His hand while we are so far away. I know that there will be an end to this waiting, eventually.


Allen and Kala said...

She is beautiful!!! I can't believe how much she's changed. And to have your outfit on that you sent her. A part of you is with her. ahhhh :)

ElizabethH said...

Oh Jayme! she's absolutely precious! so, so, so cute!!!


Steve and Karen said...

Oh my gosh she gets cuter and cuter!!

Tracie said...

Oh, my goodness!!! She is absolutely DARLING!!! Really cute... and I love that hair!

What a blessing for all of us to receive pictures this week. The SW's in Korea have been busy!

Lucky Mama said...

What a gorgeous girl you have there. She looks so adorable. and he hair is amazing.

SNC said...

Congrats!! That is so exciting on your progress and the beautiful new pictures...she is so so sweet and has changed from your last pictures, so pretty. It's a hard long wait but I know for us, the little pictures and updates along the way seem to help.

Rachel said...

I am so excited for you that you got new pictures! I know how much that means to you. She is absolutely gorgeous!

Marcus/Tash said...

Oh, She is ADORABLE!! Very cute pictures!!!