Monday, August 10, 2009

Some things

Some things I have been doing lately. . .

. . . not blogging. I really haven't had anything to blog about. There has been no movement in the list for about 9 weeks. But I'm not counting ;)

. . . wondering if this drought in referrals is normal. Well, it is. I checked. We had a lull in the fall of last year (it seemed easier back then). And others that have been through this assured all of us waiters that it is in fact, normal. The adoption process is very unpredictable.

. . . schooling. We started our school year a week ago. We started early so that we can have a month break when baby sister comes home.

. . . visiting a friend that just came home from Korea three weeks ago, with her adorable baby boy. It was great to hear her experience and see what it's like on the other side of waiting. (Now I'm wondering if a month off from school is enough time to adjust and get back on schedule).

. . . coming to the realization that we won't have baby girl home before Christmas. This was a tough one. Even if we do get a referral within the next month or two, the probability of her coming home before the New Year, is pretty small. Korea has a limit of how many visas are issued per year. The families that recieved their referral in June/July have been told that they may not get their babies' visa issued before the end of this year. Heartbreaking.

. . . understanding that EVERYTHING is in God's perfect timing. Trusting that HE has our best interest at heart. Knowing that we will see our baby's sweet face, eventually.

. . . feeling for those that have been waiting at the #1 and #2 spot on the list for the past 9 weeks! My heart just aches for these two families. It's been a long haul. One in particular has been waiting for longer than any of us, and Karen, I am praying for you and hoping that you will see your sweet daughter's face very soon!

. . . reading.

. . . listening to adoption-related podcasts.

. . . trying to be patient.

. . . teaching my boys the value of working together (and not fighting).

. . . praying. ALOT.

. . . dreaming of the day when our little girl will be with us, the family she was created for, and the family that was created for her. *Sigh*


Tracie said...

Soooo hard. I can't imagine sitting at #1 or #2 (or #5) for nine weeks straight.

Sounds like we're all trying to keep busy during these months of waiting! I really need to switch from just "coping" to "making the most of it". I don't always remember that part!!! LOL!

Steve and Karen said...

I had the dream of having her home by Christmas too. Even harder is realizing that she is most likely going to have a winter birthday and we could miss that as well. But knowing that it is going to happen just not on our time line or our plan is what helps me. Nothing is ever "our" plan it's "his".

I have to remember back to that desperate time when we found out that our hopes of adoption were dead...truly impossible. There is at least a light at the end of this tunnel and I promise to be there for you until we get to it.

SNC said...

Jayme...thank you for your post and encouraging words and keeping us all in your prayers...I know it's difficult for all of us waiting parents on the list and it really does help to feel we aren't alone. You'll be in my prayers as well...hoping the list will begin moving again and you'll be closer to meeting your little girl.