Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Update(s) with butterflies

Adoption: Absolutely NO movement, what-so-ever, on the list since June 8th! I know, what is up, huh? Bring us some babies already! This is sheer torture and I can't imagine what life is like when you're #1 and waiting. Jumping. every. time. the. phone. rings. That will be me, well, I already jump when the phone rings and I'm only #5! It will be soon, though, July is our month for FOUR referrals, I can feel it! ;)

Baseball: The Machine-Pitch season is over. No more cheering. No more Wednesday night practices. No more games. What will I do with my summer now? I'm sure I will find something! ;) We finished at First Place, 7-1. Not bad, but I am sad for it to be over. It was a great year and K. (our oldest) really improved on his skills. Can't wait for next year!

Waiting: Doing anything and everything to keep my mind off of that darn referral call. Just thinking about that phone call sends my whole stomach into butterflies. I can't wait! NO, REALLY, I literally can't wait! Actually, I CAN, and I will! Being able to tell our number on the list with ONE hand really does something to a person. One word, Butterflies.

Festivities for the Weekend (the Fourth of July): BIG plans for the fourth. Well, unless you count a really small town parade, a lunch BBQ, then a dinner BBQ and fireworks BIG, then ok, BIG plans. We do it every year. And every year we say "I wonder what we will be/have/do next year at this time?" Well, hold on folks, I can say with assurance (I hope) that our little girl will be watching the parade with us next year! (Butterflies, yet again)

Last year at this time we were praying and seriously considering adopting a little girl from South Korea. It was at the end of July that we officially filled out the Preliminary Application and received the ENORMOUS package in the mail. I was at a family reunion in Kansas when Chad got the packet. Overwhelmed, he called me and asked, "what are we doing again?"

Once I got back, we trudged through each piece of paperwork. On August 4th, 2008 we mailed off our official Application and the money it took to get us started. Our agency received the check, packet and put us on the girl's list on August 14, 2008 at #25. That's the day we became a waiting family. I anxiously await the day that we finally become a forever family.
Oooh, a familiar feeling, butterflies.


Rachel said...

Your post had me feeling butterflies with you! I hope it will not be long until you get that wonderful call!!!!

Tracie said...

I can't believe there has been no movement for almost a month! The last time that happened was back in January. Ho-hum.

I am with you in hoping for a 4 referral July... although I think there was one month last year with even more. It could happen again!

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Oh my goodness--this is exactly how you feel when you're pregnant--the analogy is just awesome!!! This baby is already a PART of you!! Just amazing! I can't wait for you all to hear something soon! It will be incredible!

Steve and Karen said...

It would be so awesome to be together in a batch of referrals with you. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Karen #2