Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy. Summer.

Since Summer officially arrived, we have literally been on the go EVERYDAY! Which is good, because it keeps me busy and my mind off of "what number are we now?" I think and pray for our little girl everyday, but the closer we get, the more obesessed (and trust me it's an obsession) I become with what number we are and how many referrals it will take per month to get to our appoximate referral date. You know, the possible scenarios - if there are three more referrals this month, and three in July, then that will put us getting the call in late July/early August. That's only six, you say? Well didn't I tell you? We are now #6! I have a feeling, that maybe, just maybe, we will get the call before August (highly unlikely, though). I have been wrong MANY times before and I definately think that it's more wishful thinking than anything. The most referrals our agency has had in one month is three, since we have been waiting. From other timlines, there were five (I think) in July of last year. I'm hoping for a big batch, soon! Either way, we are getting VERY close and I can't wait to see my baby girl!

Remember a while back I posted about maybe having Yard Sale for a fundraiser? Well that's what we have been gearing up for the last couple of weeks. It will be next weekend, and we have already recieved lots of donated stuff. Family and Friends are also donating baked goods, crafts and all sorts of goodies. We are SO excited to see God move and we have already been SO blessed by the support and help that we have been given.

A very talented quilting friend of ours offered to help us make a quilt to help raise funds as well. She donated most of the material, alot of her time and even quilted it for us. It's a King and it turned out absolutely beautiful! It's a log cabin quilt with all kinds of colors and even some black. It really turned out great. I will post some pictures soon. I really want it on MY bed. But it goes for a great cause and I am thankful for opportunity and the time it took to put it together.

Kaleb is in Machine-Pitch Baseball and so we have been VERY busy with practices and games. He's got three GREAT coaches this year and is really learning the game well. It's been fun watching him learn and find a sport that he loves. I am surprized at how competitive I can get while watching! I am NOT a competitive person, but baseball tends to bring that out! Healthy competition, that is! No pressure. ;)

We wrapped up our first year of Cub Scouts and now Kaleb is officially a Wolf. He got his Tiger patch and will have Day Camp in July. Abram can't wait to be in Cub Scouts and can't wait to start T-Ball. "Just like Bubba." It's hard since Abram is 4 1/2, there aren't many activites to put him in. He enjoys going with, and watching Bubba, though. Plus, the craziness will really start when I have two boys in different activites. I am enjoying this time, believe me.

I hope this Summer finds you well and blessed. I will keep you "posted" on the Yard Sale, Quilt Fundraiser and Baseball (so far we are 1-0 -- yipee!).

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Sarah Dawn said...

Delighted to meet you! Just found your blog as your name caught my attention. Excited that I came to splash around. We too are in the process of raising our boys to walk in the ways of the Lord and bringing home more from Ethiopia.

Hugs from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn