Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Bloggy Referral!

Another bloggy friend of mine, Tracie, got her referral! You HAVE to see this little angel! She is absolutely adorable! So, that makes us #5! I was just filling out posters stating what our Yard Sale was for, and that we started at #25 and are now #6, but now I am going to have to replace it with a big 5 instead! Totally cool with that! Congrat's Tracie, and I hope the path to bring her home is VERY SPEEDY!

Yard Sale Status: We have recieved MANY donations and are VERY thankful for every. single. one! We have quite the collection. YAY! I was busy all day pricing . . . and sorting . . . and sneezing! I have terrible allergies, and I think one load was doused in Russian Olive pollen. Terribly allergic to Russian Olive! ACHOOO!

I think it's going to be a success and I am SO excited (to get it over with)! No, seriously, I am really excited to see what becomes of the weekend and I hope we sell ALL OF IT! You never know, and I really feel His peace and presence in it all. Hoping for nothin' but sunshine!

I took a couple pictures of the Quilt, it's hard to get all of a King Size Quilt while trying to show the pretty details, but here's one of them.

I think it is REALLY pretty, but I'm kind of biased. ;) Hope it brings $ to get baby home! All of the profit from the Yard Sale and the Quilt Money will go towards travel OR Escort. Yep, STILL haven't decided which. Hopefully we will before we get our Travel Call!!! :)


Shelley said...

Wow, the quilt turned out beautiful!

I am so excited for you! I am sure hoping for a super successful sale!!!!!

Tracie said...

Wow. Beautiful quilt. That is gorgeous!!!

Yippee! Soon you'll be staring at your baby's picture, too!

Tracie said...

And good luck on the yard sale!!!

Lucky Mama said...

Hey number #5! You must be on the edge of your seat. It will be your turn to celebrate very soon.