Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Homestudy: Started

Our Social Worker called and we have had two meetings so far. I guess we are to have seven contacts with her to complete our HS. So our first meeting was kind of a surprise. She called me on Saturday (12/6) at about 2 p.m. and asked if the next day would be ok to do our Home visit. Yeah, like I said . . . a surprise. Luckily I had cleaned my house for Abram's birthday and everything was essentially "ready." She told me that I didn't need to clean and that the purpose wasn't to impress her, and that put me at ease. We are very thankful for our Social Worker, she is easy to talk to and super friendly.

She did a tour of our house and we showed her where our daughter's room was. Chad actually had to work that day and so the boys and I gave her a tour. Then Kaleb (our oldest) read the book "Jin Woo" to her. She considered that meeting our home visit and Child interview.

Then this last Saturday we met her for our couples interview. I felt both meetings went very well, and we are pretty comfortable talking with her. The next step is training which will be in late January. There are two other AAC couples that we will have the training with. Looking forward to that, then she will do our individual interviews.

We are excited to get this part rolling and glad to have this month to keep us busy. I hope January and February fly by and so do the referrals!


Lucky Mama said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I also love to meet other AAC families. You asked if we were in Colorado and we are actually in Utah. We are #27 on the list and it seems that as soon as we got on the list it stopped moving. I look forward to following your journey. Ari

Kelly said...

Congratulations on starting your HS--that is a big step!!! I hope you get your referral before you know it! We were told 18-20 months for referral of our Briar and had many months of not moving AT ALL... but, we received her referral in 14 months, so hold on for the ride!!!!!

Shelley said...

Thanks for contributing to Claire's 100 Wishes Quilt!

I am going to link your blog to mine, so that we can check up on each other!