Friday, January 28, 2011

Radical Craziness

What I didn't disclose in my last post, as to why I haven't been posting much, is that right after Joye's finalization we felt called to adopt again. We rationalized, prayed and tried to talk ourselves right out of it. We just brought Joye home and were dealing with bonding, tantrums, boundary setting, tantrums, sleeping issues, tantrums. You get the idea, and the place we found ourselves.

Since November, I have been in contact with our agency. For various reasons. Stuff to get Joye's Birth Certificate, and loose ends to close her case. Among those conversations, we asked how long the wait was for another little girl. We were told to expect 2.5-3 years. Ok. Well, if we got on the list now, then once our other little bundle arrived, we would be nice and prepared. So we got on the list.

Wait . . . there's more. Hang with me.

We (our agency and I) have had subsequent conversations since then. One in particular referenced a little girl that had some background information that could invoke some potential problems later on. (You catch my drift)

When God placed adoption on our hearts again, he also mentioned that minor special needs is something that we need to be open to. Really? So we filled out our little sheet of what we would accept, leaving it all open. (i know, crazy. right?)

So back to this little girl. We inquired about her from an email, and there was a list of families wanting to view her file. So I thought "oh, well, she will be placed. She's not meant for our family." Or so I thought.

A couple weeks later, our agency called asking if we wanted our post-placement retainage to be cut to us, or to just minus it off the fees due for the next adoption. We chose just to have it go towards the next adoption. She then mentioned that the little girl we had inquired about still hadn't been placed. My heart sank. My stomach flipped over. "Are you still interested in taking a look at her file?" she asked.

After a weekend of prayer, and much peace, we are adding this adorable little girl to our family. That's right. You might want to read it again, to let it sink in. Radical. Craziness.

We have not. one. dime. saved. All the assignment fees are due NOW. Our homestudy has to updated, fingerprints re-done, paperwork galore. I can't share her picture, tell much about her, because we haven't sent our acceptance to Korea yet. All the above HAS to be done before that. I just wanted to keep you all updated and ask for your prayers. The girls (oh ,wow, that sounds weird - GIRLS) will be 14 months apart. Yikes!

Like I said, we have total peace about this. We know He will provide the money. We know His timing is perfect. We know that He is in all of this. It makes absolutely NO sense. But what does when you are following Him? Right? Everything points to this being right for our family.



So if you find yourself thinking of us. Would you do us a favor? PRAY. Pray that all the balls that are now in the air, will fall into place, so we can get this little precious peanut home to her forever family.

Thank you. We appreciate every one.


Brooke said...

oh wow you guys! I think this is the most wonderful thing I have heard all year! I can only imagine your excitement, and jeesh, after bring home joy I mean comon...why wouldnt you want to do it again?? I want to do it again and we havent even gotten the first one home;)Really though, Congratulations and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Remember, Go will not give you more than you can handle..or so He has promised.

Sandy B said...

Yes, I will keep you in my prayers and trust that you will figure out ways to get the money to complete her adoption. Now get all that paperwork finished! I want to see her beautiful face. Congratulations!

Marcus/Tash said...

Holy Cow! That is great! We are very excited to hear your news!!! We were in the same boat when we decided to adopt Sam (not even finalized with Ryan and no money saved). E-mail us if you want to talk! This is sooooo exciting!!!!

Hardcorescrapper said...

Wow. God is amazing isn't he? This post sent chills down my back. He will provide. He always does. Just like he provided every last dime for you for your precious Joye. I will be praying and praying... and waiting to see your newest little one's precious face! CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for providing another forever family for a child. You are a blessing!!!!

Michelle said...

Jayme!!! I've been away from our blog for awhile and have been thinking of you and your beautiful family. I was just getting ready to send you an email to check in and make sure things were okay and WHOA! I see this post. All I can write is that I'm completely in awe and I'm choked up reading this. It's awesome. We've been in the middle of the tantrums and they are truly testing us right now. But, at the same time I can't help but think that we're meant to add to our family. Your faith is amazing and it's always guided you to where you and your family need to be. I'm here if you want to talk and I support you 100%. What an amazing journey this is going to be! I can't wait to read/hear more!
P.S. I need updated photos of your Joye!!!

Lucky Mama said...

WAHOOO!!!!! So happy for your family. I will pray for finances to work themselves out.

Tracie said...

SO happy for you! My youngest two are 14 months, and it was tough at first... but it's awesome now.

I was surprised when one of the other agency moms gave me your news... happily surprised!

Big congrats!

Larsen Family said...

Awesome, that is radical craziness; but that's life following God's will for our lives' sometimes. Congrats. I can't wait to see a picture of her. Is she older than Joye or younger. If you want to shoot me an email, please do. We are trapped in 14+ inches of snow and I am not going anywhere for a few days. :)

Brittany said...


I hadn't checked your blog in a while- because like me - your life has been busy and I knew the updates weren't so frequent anymore. So I stumbled on here today and to my shock and thrill I had the privilage to read you will be adopting again! WAY TO GO!! You are definatly in my prayers as I think of the craziness and financial burden. God is good and will definatly supply everything you need. I'm actually giddy for you guys!! I look forward to the days when you can share pictures and to another journey to Korea.