Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Month Home

Four weeks ago today, we were packing up our stuff in Korea and heading home.

Four weeks ago today we were venturing into a *new* life.

A life of unknowns and new paths.

We have waited so long with a picture in hand. Now we have the little life in our hands.

Many questions lurking in our minds:

How would the boys adjust?

Would the plane ride(s) be horrible?

What makes this little beauty happy, sad?

Well, one month in, the lingering questions are being answered one by one.

We have fallen more in love with our little Joye SeoYeon.

The boys are LOVING her being around and she is SO happy to be with them.

One month in, I feel like she has always been here.

The weeks have flown by and I can't WAIT to spend more weeks in her presence.

Thank you Heavenly Father for giving us this precious little girl. Our lives are forever changed - for the better.

Happy ONE MONTH HOME baby girl!


Michelle said...

Lovely Jayme! It makes me even more excited to head over to Seoul and go get our Little Peanut! Thank you for sharing. She is precious and she is where she was meant to be. . .

AAC Adoption and Family Network said...

I am so happy for you! It is wonderful to see her adjusting so well. May God continue to bless your family.
By the way I must say I love love love her hair.

Christy said...

Yay! Home a month - how exciting. Still adjusting but starting to discover each other more and more. :)

Brittany said...

What a great milestone to reach! Congratulations

Larsen Family said...

Happy one month "gotcha day" anniversary. Ours has went by so fast, I'm sure yours has too.