Thursday, October 1, 2009


Somewhere in Korea, is a woman who has given birth to a beautiful little girl. That woman loves her daughter. So much, that, she has decided she needs to be raised in a family. She could care for her, raise her. But she believes that her little girl would be better off in a family. Her heart hurts. The pain of leaving her daughter is unbarable, but necessary. God created her to be a birthmother.

Somewhere in Korea, is a woman who has been given a beautiful baby girl to take care of. She knows that this isn't a permanent arrangement. She feeds her, loves on her. Grows very attached to her. The baby's schedule becomes a big part of her life. She witnesses her first smile. Hears her first laugh. God created her to be a Foster Mother.

Somewhere in Colorado, is woman who longs for her baby girl. She hasn't seen her face. Doesn't know her likes, dislikes. Hasn't heard her cry. But she loves this baby girl more than words can describe. She prays for her, thanks God for her. But she's never met her. God created her to be an Adoptive Mother.

I am still amazed at the paths that God orchestrates for His children. Our little one is out there. And the path that brings her to us is going to be an amazing one. Long? Maybe, but it's all in His timing. Not like we invisioned it? Definately. He visioned it much greater than I ever could.

She was created to be in our family. Created to have our last name. Created to be a little sister.

There are so many components to an adoption process. I truly believe that the way everything works together is because of our Mighty Creator. HE knew way before we were even born that this little girl was going to be in our lives.

I am thankful for our baby's Birthmother. I am thankful for our baby's Foster Mother. If it weren't for these two women, our baby girl wouldn't be our baby girl. The plan of everyone's life is created when we are created. I am also thankful to be the person to raise, care for and LOVE this baby girl who was created to be my daughter.

Thank you, Mighty Creator.


Colorado Mama said...

Beautifully said!

Steve and Karen said...

Moving up is such great news. Hope your call comes soon

Brittany said...

So true, and amazing.

AJ said...

Happy Birthday my niece!! Have a fabulous day & celebrate this milestone= ) Luv ya!! AJ